Mardan Development Authority
Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


Function of Mardan Development Authority.

Housing is a basic need and thousands of families are struggling to have a roof over their heads. Rapid population growth, scarcity of government resources, urbanization and the development imbalances between urban and rural areas have compounded the housing problem. In big Cities/Towns this problem has become further worsen. To face this challenge, Provincial Urban Development Board through Mardan Development Authority (MDA) has launched. this Schemes will also have all basic facilities like Roads, Water Supply, Sanitation, Telephone, Schools,Civic Centre, Parks, Graveyard, Medical Centre, Mosque etc planned on standared Engineering/Town Planning.

               The Main  Functions of this Authority are as under:-


  1. To provide housing facilities in urban areas of District Mardan

  2. To provide infrastructure facilities like water supply, sewerage, drainage, suigas, roads and electrification etc, in the housing schemes.

  3. To execute all developmental schemes in the Sheikhmaltoon Township duly financed by the Provincial/District Governments.

  4. To execute all kinds of deposit works in urban area such as construction of urban roads, water supply schemes, sanitation schemes sewerage drainage, building, parking facilities, development of chowks, development of parks,  green belts etc.

  5. Zoning and land use plans.

  6. Any other objectives/functions assigned by District/Provincial Govt.